5 Reasons to Try 3D Slots

3D Slots have been here for decades. Players love them. They are cheap and exciting to play.

And the mesmerizing clunking sound of pulling the lever…

The whole casino would be overwhelmed by the echoes of slots machines only to be interrupted by the dinging sounds of a payout.

Now it’s a bit different. Everything’s online. The developers like Microgaming and NetEnt are rock stars of the industry.

They create more and more beautiful and realistic video slots.

If you want, you can even log in and play 100% free 3d slots online. For as long as you like.

We have 5 more BIG reasons why you should try 3d slots.

1. Thousands of 3D slots to try

The sheer amount of different 3D Slots available to play is staggering. New games come out at least weekly.

Even if you tried one new slot every day, you wouldn’t run out of games to try for at least 6 years!

Online casino game library is very vivid. There is a myriad of colors, shapes, and flavors to enjoy.

Maybe you want a completely free 3d slots online experience?

Perhaps you’d like to see a simple slot with flowers and rainbows?

Or something slightly spooky?

Many of the slots are standard slots with 3 rows and 5 reels. But also, more and more of unusual slots are being released.

There are a ton of formats to try.

2. More fun than lottery

Not to dismiss lottery completely. It has its moments. When the jackpots grow to £100 million, certainly for a lot of us, our hearts start beating a little bit faster.

But there’s too much waiting and lottery drawings are so quick to end.

That’s why 3D slots are much more fun than lottery. You can play for hours on end.

You get to say when your session in over. Even though the jackpots don’t go up as high as in lottery.

But that’s only because the odds to hit a jackpot on slots are infinitely better for the player.

3. Very little to learn

In other words, slots are easy to learn. You can jump around from one slot to another and you still don’t get confused.

The game mechanics may differ each time, that’s what makes slots exciting, but the overall process is familiar, no matter what you play.

So, not only the learning curve is non-existent on slots. It’s a game that practically doesn’t require any brain poker.

If you want to just shut off after a hard day at work, slots are almost a perfect way to relax.

4. Lots of free play

Often, you can play free slots with a real chance to win. This you won’t find anywhere else.

Hundreds of casinos have various no deposit bonuses and extra spins promotions. Some are quire small.

Others give you a year’s worth of extra spins.

We can’t say you can play real money games risk-free forever.

Eventually you’ll probably run out of free offers. But there are a lot of these free bonuses floating around, if you only look.

Extra spins and no deposit bonuses are fantastic if you want to try out a new casino or give it a few spins on a new slot machine.

Because you play for real money even on extra spins, you get the true 3d slots experience.

Play whenever, wherever

Two decades ago slots came online. That changed everything. Online you can play free games or real money games.

You don’t have to drive anywhere. Log in and play.

It may be Sunday afternoon or a late Wednesday night. You are free to do whatever you want.

But, again, the gaming world is changing.

Now 3d slots are moving to mobile platforms. It’s no longer an activity for when you are at home.

These games are with you on your trips and doctor’s visits.

Want to kill some time while you’re stuck in traffic? Want to try the new slot machine during your work break?

The point is, you get to decide when and where you want to play. No limits, no restrictions.