A Brief Guide to 5 Reel Slots

You’ve probably seen plenty of 5 reel slots machines while sifting various online casinos.

There are over hundreds if not thousands of 5 reel slots games amongst the various online casinos and mobile app markets.

5 reel slots offer a player many more perks, extra spins, bonuses, and possible winning combinations than the standard 3 reel slot machines.

But with these pros’ comes the cons’ of having to use a different set of playing strategies and betting methods.

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The fact that you have more winning combinations is what makes 5 reel slots so popular among gamblers.

After all, who doesn’t like having more chances at hitting the jackpot?

With the rise of mobile gambling, we now see a wider selection of free casino 5 reel slots apps!

However, online casinos will forever be in our hearts when it comes to playing for money on a popular 5 reel slots free online game.

A breakdown on how to play 5 reel slots, extras and more!

If you thought you had the 3 reel slots machines all figured out, wait until you see the 5 reel slots.

With more reels comes more winning combinations, higher stakes, higher payouts and more.

For those who are new to gambling or at the very least 5 reel slots machines, we will give you the basics.

How do you play 5 reel slots?

Like their 3 reel counterparts, 5 reel slots is played the same way.

You place your bet for however many paylines you want to try for and press the spin button.

Once a bit of time passes, the reels will start to slow to a stop. If you win a combination, it will show up on the slots.

If you want the reels to stop sooner, all you have to do is click the stop button.

There are up to 50+ winning combinations for a 5 reel slots machine. You don’t have to bet for every single one of the paylines for you to win a round.

If you do want to bet for all the paylines at once, you can hit the bet max/max button.

This will immediately light up all the paylines and start the reels. Also, note that the higher the bet the higher the payout.

However, you should be careful with betting the max button since you can lose money very quickly this way.

After all, 5 reel slots is still a game of chance and luck.

If you are unsure about what a winning combination is supposed look like, you can always look at the paytable.

The paytable will show every single winning combination of symbols and their payouts.

What other details you should look for:

You will see a wild/substitute symbol and a scatter symbol.

A wild/substitute symbol is a type of symbol on the reel that will substitute for almost all the other symbols for you to achieve a winning combination.

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A scatter symbol is a symbol that gives payouts as long as there are at least two or three of these symbols shown anywhere on the reels.

They don’t need to be aligned in any particular order for you to get a win.

These symbols are often used to give players bonuses. Typical bonuses are extra spins, instant wins or the player gets to play a particular mini-game.

5 reel slots versus 3 reel slots

5 reel slots or 3 reel slots… that is the question or at least in this case a comparison.

5 reel slots machines


  • Up to 50+ winning combinations
  • Regular payouts
  • Offer more bonuses, such as extra spins, jackpot mini-games, bonus rounds, wilds and scatter symbols, and more
  • Better game design and often provide more in the form of graphics and interface


  • Not recommended for those who are new to slot machines and gambling in general
  • Smaller payouts per winning combination
  • Beware of high-volatility in payouts. Means higher chances of losing.

Final verdict

If you are looking for something that offers more entertainment value and challenge, then 5 reel slots are the slot machines for you.

There are many free casino 5 reel slots you can try. For mobile users, there are plenty of 5 reel slots online mobile apps too!

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3 reel slots machines


  • Simpler design that is easy for beginners to play and understand
  • Pays more per hit
  • Limited betting options which is great for anyone on a budget


  • Not as fancy when it comes to the overall design of the slot machine in question
  • Fewer chances of getting a hit; High-volatility
  • Limited number of paylines and winning combinations

Final verdict:

Best for beginners who are unfamiliar with how slot machines work. They are also great for those who gamble on a budget.

Although, they are simpler in design, 3 reel slot machines tend to payout the most despite the fewer chances of winning.

Free casino 5 reel slots: playing online or using a mobile app?

Both types of slots are great to play, but 5 reel slot game tend to be the most popular out of all the slot machines online.

While mobile 5 reel slots are fun and you can always find a free casino 5 reel slots app, they don’t always give an actual cash payout. Often they just give you in-game currency.

That is where 5 reel slots free online versions are the ones to go for, especially if you want to gamble for more than just extra spins.

There is a wide selection of reputable 5 reel slots online games that you can choose from.

Many online casinos will even offer sign up bonuses and other perks.

So, pick the 5 reel slots that peek your interest and give it a spin!

Remember to read all the 5 reel slots free online rules, terms and conditions before placing any bets.

You don’t want to be twenty pounds in only to realize that the free casino 5 reel slots you are playing is either a scam, has a low hit frequency, or fails to payout cash prizes.