Fast Fortune Slots: Cheats, Promo Codes, and Tips

Fast Fortune Slots

You may have noticed that the Fast Fortune Slots icon says 100,000,000 free coins. That was the first thing that drew my attention.

The developer of the Casino, SLOTS! Free Slot Machines by Super Lucky Casino, has several similar Casinos. Outside of these brands, you will rarely encounter such a large welcome offer.

But is it all about a blown-up number and no quality? Or could Fast Fortune Casino be one of the most overlooked Casinos?

Here is what I try to find out.

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Fast Fortune Slots – Claim 100 Million Free Coins

Fast Fortune Slots free coins

Let’s sort out the good from the bad.

The Casino looks great. It’s easy to use. The ads are not too frequent. And, as we said, 100,000,000 free coins sound like a lot.

But 25 games don’t, do it? This is what was available at the moment of writing this review.

Sure, every month Fast Fortune adds a couple of new games (last month they added three). And the games are truly fantastic. Fun, unique, and diverse. However, the number should rise faster to compete with other Casinos.

Also, if you have an iOS device, you will be stuck playing on Facebook as Fast Fortune only has an Android app.

The bottom line?

Fast Fortune Slot games

If you get enough free coins, it’s definitely a fantastic Casino to play at.

You can get enough free coins to play all day long either through patience, promo codes, or cheating.

Let’s look at them one by one.

How Much is 100 Million?

Most players understand that these numbers don’t mean much on their own. It only matters in relation to the bets you can make, the wins you can achieve, and the gifts you can receive.

So, how much is 100 million free coins?

Not that much, when you consider the minimum bet on many slots is 625,000. Which means you have 160 spins (at the most!).

To qualify for the main Jackpot, the Mega Jackpot, or the Epic Jackpot, you would need to pump up the bet further, leaving yourself with less than 10 spins.

You can play cheaper games, like Rococo Royale. A min bet here is only 250,000.

And you should be chasing free coin opportunities.

Fast Fortune Slots super league

Every four hours Fast Fortune Slots will let you spin a jackpot wheel. It also includes a VIP multiplier as well as a friend invite bonus.

Also, there is a 50 million gift for joining the Super Lucky League club where you play with others. Don’t worry, you have lots of options. Or, you can create your own and invite your friends.

Completing daily goals isn’t always easy, but the rewards are often worth the trouble.

How to Get Fast Fortune Slots Promo Codes

If you are looking for free coins, Fast Fortune Slots promo codes could be the solution. They are mainly used for free coin bonuses WHEN you make coin purchases.

Fast Fortune Slots PromoThere was a promo code SUMMERWIN this summer. Regardless of your Fast Fortune Slots VIP level, it would multiply your coin purchase by 200 percent.

Even if you plan to survive completely out of free coins, promo codes could still be useful.

Did you know that ANY purchase removes all ads?

Plus, you could get a 200 percent First Purchase multiplier as well as 200 percent from a promo code. So, even $0.99 would remove all ads and get you 1 billion coins instead of 150 million.

To find the best promo codes, you need to visit Fast Fortune Facebook page. Every day there are games and promotions where players like you can get free coins. You will also come across many promo codes. Some are great, while others only give such an impression.

Be careful.

Fast Fortune Slots Cheats

Here’s what’s important.

Fast Fortune Slots cheats are a world apart from the promo codes we just discussed. If a promo code doesn’t work, that’s that. It simply expired.

If Fast Fortune Slots catches you trying to cheat them, they will ban you. No questions asked. There are no safe cheats you can use.

Occasionally, you may see a hack pop up. Sadly, chances it will actually work are grim. Most of these Fast Fortune Slots cheats are fakes, anyway. They are meant to get your information and earn money for the creator.

Or, sometimes they are supposed to work, but are caught within 24 hours. Casinos are pretty smart when it comes to erratic changes in the player’s account.

And if it works?


Although, you should keep in mind that Casinos can catch cheaters for something they have done weeks and months before.