Everything You Need to Know about Online Slots

If you go on to any casino website you will find that online slots are the best-represented. Their popularity has increased massively in the last decade.

You can play for real money or simply play casino slots for fun. In this handy guide we’ll tell you all the basics you need to know when playing online slots.

Different kinds of online slots

Many years ago, slot machines were only available as one armed bandit machines, a simple three-reel machine with a lever to pull on the side.

These machines typically had symbols such as lucky 7s, bar symbols and fruit – hence the nickname ‘fruit machines’. As time went by, they became more complicated and video versions were introduced.

By the time internet gambling began, slots were the most exciting and more diverse than they’d ever been.

Online slots come in many different forms. There are three-reel machines which resemble the classic old-fashioned fruit machines.

There are also those with five or more reels and even games where you can play multiple slot machines at the same time.

Five reels is more or less the industry standard for online slots at the moment.

There are also multiple ways in which you can win on slot machines. Original slots had just one payline, the central position on each reel in a horizontal line across the three reels.

Today you can find slot machines with up to 243 different ways to win. Sometimes they run from right to left as well as from left to right and in a variety of horizontal, diagonal, and zig zag patterns.

There are online slots with exciting bonus rounds and mini-games which can be triggered in different ways.

There are also basic games where you must simply match three symbols for a win. There are slots with small and regular payouts as well as progressive jackpot machines.

How to play

Most online slots are played in the same way. You choose your stake and how many paylines you wish to bet on. Then you hit start. Whether you play casino slots for fun or use real money, the principle is the same.

You win by matching three or more of the same symbol on an active payline. In some cases, two of the same can award a win.

Look out for scatter symbols on some slot machines. They can award exciting bonus rounds full of extra spins. You might also find wild symbols which can change to other symbols to form a winning combination.

Before playing any online slots, it is worth playing casino slots for free in demo mode. And reading the rules of the game in order to familiarise yourself with them, too.