Secrets to Winning on Slot Machines in 2018

Players wanted to find out the secrets to winning on Slot machines since the invention of the game. But what are the secrets to winning on slot machines in 2018? Let’s see.

To millions of Casino tourists visiting Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or Macau every year, Slots are a simple game. Most don’t see past the lever and those 3 or 15 symbols on the screen. I suppose there is nothing wrong with that if you’re a Casino tourist.

But when you have been playing Slots for 15 years, you just know there is more to the story. Why not add more excitement to the game and develop a real strategy?

I’m not saying I have the key to winning every jackpot. I wish it was as easy as PlayStation cheats back in the day.

However, I do have some things to share with you. Long years in the industry have perks, you know. Like tips straight from the developers. And let’s not underestimate the hundreds of mistakes that turned into priceless lessons.

If you only take one thing out of this article, let it be the following.

Winning Slots jackpot is not about cheating the system but about avoiding the common mistakes. If you learn how to do that, you will not lose. And that’s the first and most important of the steps to winning the jackpot.

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Of course, there are more.  Let’s get right to it.

How to Win Jackpots on Slots? It’s All About the Mentality

How do you know when a Slot machine will hit? You don’t. You can’t know. Unless you are able to interfere with the mechanics of the Slot, you can’t know whether it will hit on the next spin or after another 1000 spins.

So, how can you win the jackpot?

Besides striking lucky, the only way to ever win big is by playing for the long haul.

Even though in Slots, just like every other Casino game, the house holds the edge, the margins are extremely small. If you keep playing sensibly, manage your bankroll, and keep the risk to a minimum, you will get to play for a long time and, maybe even, win the actual jackpot.

As I see it, it’s the ultimate foolproof way. It’s the long-term strategy. It lets you follow your progress slowly. Without any gimmicks or unpleasant surprises. But you have to have the right mindset.

If you don’t, nothing else will matter.

Winning the Jackpot – Look After Those Numbers

One of the hardest things for me playing Slots was learning to manage my bankroll. Probably like you, I was mostly concerned about scoring big.

That’s all I would think about when I was playing.

But my Casino balance would reach zeros instead of millions. Again and again. Every time that happened, I tried to find someone or something to blame.

But that was it. I already knew everything I needed to know. Slots are not another video game. It’s a luck game. Whenever I play, I make a decision to play a game where the odds are not in my favor. Therefore, I should also accept the results.

So, whenever you sit down to start a session of Slots, remember these three rules:

Rule No.1: Make sure you play with the money you can afford to lose. If you worry about every spin, stop. There is no fun in that, which is the first sign to take a break.

Rule No.2: Pay serious attention to your bankroll. It must be separate from your or your family’s funds. And you should have enough for at least 200 spins. Better yet, 300 or 400. If you don’t, you go down in stakes or wait for another month.

Rule No. 3: Accept the outcome. You will win. You will lose. That’s what Slots are all about. That’s why we love it, right?

Sounds simple? Good. It will be easy to remember.


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Don’t have enough to keep a up with the bankroll management requirements? Play free games.  Get a free spins deal. Wait for the next month.

You get frustrated about not a bad session? Same thing.

I promise, remember these rules and you’ll already be halfway to a big win.

Secrets To Winning On Slot Machines

I know you came here to find out some juicy secrets to winning on Slot machines. And, so far it may have been a bit underwhelming. All we’re talking about is bankroll management and playing with the right mentality.

Following the above rules will allow you to play longer. Thus, giving you more winning chances. You increase your edge further, you will want to follow these tips straight from the Casino insiders – the operators, developers, and owners.

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– To win, use bonuses

Free spins, no deposit bonuses, and welcome offers don’t all give you extra shots to win the jackpot.

Imagine playing the lottery.

But instead of playing with one ticket, you’d get a free ticket for every ticket you bought. Same game, double the chances.

The same goes for Slots. Except even if you don’t win the jackpot, you still double your playtime.

– Check for RTP

Players nowadays are becoming more attentive. If you have had a Casino account for a while, you’ll probably be familiar with an RTP, or return-to-player ratio.

If you don’t know what it is, here’s the gist of it

RTP, averaging at around 96 percent, determines how much the Slots machine is programmed to payback for every $1 it receives.

Naturally, you want the best RTP Slots…but not always. Here’s why.

– Don’t play progressive jackpots

The first reason to stay away from the progressive jackpot Slots is because their RTP is skewed. For example, a Slot that says RTP 97.3 percent. A share of that RTP is dedicated to the progressive jackpot when it finally pays out. Which means that base game RTP is much lower.

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There’s more.

Sometimes progressive jackpot Slots have other hidden rules. For example, often a minimal bet wouldn’t even qualify you to play for the jackpot.

When you pull the lever or press the ‘Spin’ button, luck (or a random number generator) will determine the outcome. But everything up to that point depends on your strategy.

Make sure it’s a good one.