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Say what you will but Ghostbusters slots took way too long to reach the players.

Given how much of a hit was the original movie, and then the sequel, it’s clear that there were millions of Ghostbusters-hungry fans.

And yet, even after Ghostbusters 2, almost 20 years passed until the first Ghostbusters slots machine was launched in Las Vegas.

Good news is the game as also been adapted to online play. If you want, you can play Ghostbusters slot machine online free of charge right now.

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How to Play Ghostbusters Slots Online Free

ghostbusters free slotsThey say you should never meet your heroes. I don’t know about that.

Even if it’s true, how can you miss the opportunity to meet Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Rick Moranis and all the other amazing cast from that fantastic movie?

Impossible! So, there’s no need to second-guess yourself. Especially, when you can play the game at no cost.

You can play Ghostbusters slots online for free at most casinos that offer IGT games.

We will give some examples below, but finding this game shouldn’t be a problem. IGT is a top casino game developer.

You should absolutely try out Ghostbusters slot for free first. And not because it’s so unreal (it is, but it’s not the point).

There is another reason why I recommend getting to know this slot for play money first.

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The game is NOT beginner-friendly. It may easily be one of the swingiest slots I’ve ever played.

But I’ll tell you what… If you have the bankroll, Ghostbusters slot has some incredible features you will love.

It’s immersive, fun, and quite rewarding for those who have the patience and the luck top stick with it.

Next, I want to explain how the slot works, what are its strengths and weaknesses.

Ghostbusters Free Slots – Details and Features

ghostbusters slots online freeAs we mentioned, IGT is behind the Ghostbusters slot. They made it as a 30-payline slot, however due to many features, the minimum is $0.50 per spin.

It looks very traditional. Three rows, five reels. 10 symbols. The return-to-player ratio is slightly over 94%.

But that’s where we are starting to lean more off script. There’s not one, but two Wild symbols.

The animations, like in most slots based on blockbusters, include the best scenes from the actual movie.

Plus, you have FIVE progressive jackpots!

The game is packed with unique features with many fan-favorites like free spins with sticky wilds, multipliers, and more.

What are the features?

The Ghostbusters slot machine includes 4 bonus games, a (what they call) mystery feature as well as 5 progressive jackpots.

Stay Puff bonus

Stay Puff bonus is a free spins round with sticky wilds. While With some luck,

The Ballroom Bonus

This is a fantastic mini-game within the Ghostbusters slot. You will have several shots to make to find the ghost.

The Psychic Bonus

The Psychic Bonus is also a mini-game within Ghostbusters slot. In this round the player must match his card with the one that Dr. Venkman (Bill Murray’s character).

In addition, mini features will also be constantly hitting your reels.

The Slimer will sometimes turn your Wilds into the Sticky Wilds, while the Marshmallow Man will hit your wins with random multipliers.

ghostbusters slots online free

Ghostbusters slots – Why it’s Not For You?

Ghostbusters slots, although pretty good, is not perfect.

Presumably, the developers of the slot assumed that a hit name will let them get away with a few flaws. This is a trap that, unfortunately, many big-name slots fall into.

As far as Ghostbusters slot is concerned, they haven’t fallen into this trap… More lie, slipped.

First of all, it’s the lower-than-average RTP. It’s a great game but it must do better.

Next, the payouts. The main characters of the movie give out significant wins even on Match-three hit. However, lower symbol matches sometimes pay only 10 percent of the original bet.

And lastly, there’s no leeway for the players with smaller bankrolls. For example, there’s no flexibility with paylines or jackpots.


Despite a few misses, Ghostbusters does not disappoint. Even if you have never seen Ghostbusters (first, go see it!), there is a high chance you would like it anyway.

The features make the game very entertaining, while random appearances by the Slimer and the Marshmallow Man enhance the experience even further.

And let’s not forget about the progressive jackpot anticipation. Of course, jackpots are rare. But here you have 5 jackpots to wait for!

All in all, this may be one of the best slots from IGT (that’s among 120+ games!). So, try it out today for free.

I’m exited to hear from you about your first impressions and your biggest wins.

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