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Tomb Raider Slot Review

  • Tomb Raider is a massive franchise
  • Lara Croft is a sexy-looking explorer and a professional thief
  • Tomb Raider slot draws its inspiration from the movies starring Angelina Jolie

Tomb Raider Slot ReviewReady for an unforgettable adventure? Well, buckle up because Lara Croft is not taking any prisoners when it comes to the breathtaking experiences in the Tomb Raider slot.

The fearless young lady has been a cultural symbol for years. As a result, Microgaming created a slot machine inspired by the heroic antics of the attractive British archeologist.

In case you want to learn more about the Tomb Raider slot game, stick with our Tomb Raider slot review. Just like Lara enjoys going deep underground in her search for hidden treasure, we also tried to perform in-depth research on this slot game.

By testing the Tomb Raider slot machine, we managed to discover all the pros and cons of the game. Even though this slot game is pretty old, speaking in casino years, Tomb Raider’s appeal is still powerful and captivating.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the action alongside the brave heroine.

Tomb Raider Slot General Features

Before we proceed with explaining the ins and outs of the Tomb Raider slot free play, we should probably backtrack a little. In other words, it is vital that we remind of you of the history of the franchise.

In short, Tomb Raider started out as a video game all the way back in 1996. Lara Croft is the main protagonist of the game, which has numerous sequels and spin-offs.

Furthermore, the game also served as an inspiration for several motion pictures. The most famous Tomb Raider movie was the one from 2001. Angelina Jolie put on a magical display as the attractive explorer. Over the years, Lara Croft became a sex symbol, predominantly in the so-called gaming communities.

Tomb Raider Slot Screenshot

But, you do not have to be a geek to enjoy playing the Tomb Raider slot machine free download on your preferred device. When it comes to general features, it is important to note that this slot machine incorporates 5 reels and 15 paylines. In essence, this standard setup was a common practice back in 2008, when the Tomb Raider slot free first saw the light of day.

Tomb Raider Slot Theme – Appearance And Soundtrack

Evidently, the theme of the Tomb Raider slot machine revolves around the characters from the video games with the same name. As a matter of fact, Tomb Raider is a large franchise, and it encompasses movies, video games, and many other products.

Even so, the graphics of the Tomb Raider slot are nowhere near the modern-day slots. The reason for this is simple – this slot was designed over a decade ago! At the time, Microgaming released one of the best-looking slots on the market with the introduction of Lara Croft. But, we all know that time takes its toll.

Yet, players who are looking for slots with a retro feel could enjoy playing the Tomb Raider. Don’t get us wrong – the graphics are still cool and bright, but the lack of flashy animations is evident.

When it comes to the soundtrack, the familiar sounds are incorporated into the casino version of the Tomb Raider. All in all, the sounds suit the game. They add to the overall mysterious atmosphere of the storyline.

Tomb Raider Slot Symbols

Tomb Raider Slot Symbols

Microgaming, the company behind this project, is one of the pioneers of the online casino world. Over the years, they gradually improved their skill set, producing better and better games.

Yet, the symbols in the slot machines had not gone through significant changes. For instance, the Tomb Raider slot game was released in 2008 and it features card symbols that we can see in today’s slot machines. The traditional card symbols that are present in the Tomb Raider are A, K, Q, J, and 10. Naturally, they have low value during the spins.

On the other hand, the Tomb Raider slot features high-paying symbols, such as the tiger, Lara, or an elaborate puzzle.

On top of all that, this game also incorporates a set of specialty symbols. Experienced slot players already know what we are talking about. Yes, the Scatter and the Wild are present in Tomb Raider as well.

The Scatter and The Wild

The Scatter symbol portrays Mrs. Croft herself in a menacing stance, with guns drawn out. As it turns out, Lara Croft can be quite generous in this game. If you manage to land 3x Scatter symbols on the reels – you will receive 10 free spins. Tomb Raider Slot Wild SymbolThe Wild symbol substitutes all other icons on the reels, and it is represented by a Tomb Raider logo.

The Bonus Symbol

The Tomb Raider slot also features a Bonus symbol. This particular icon is designed as a Buddha-like idol. If you land 3x of these symbols on the reels – a generous Tomb Bonus round could boost your winnings.

How To Play The Tomb Raider Slot

Tomb Raider slot can provide a lot of entertainment to slot enthusiasts worldwide. The gameplay of this slot machine features a classic layout and commands. We already mentioned that Tomb Raider comes with 5 reels and 15 paylines. This offers players multiple chances to win.

Even so, the first thing you need to do before spinning the reels is to adjust the bet. The Tomb Raider slot online accepts coin denomination from 0.05 up to 5. By pressing the +/- button, the players can increase or decrease the size of their bet.

Other commands and buttons are also straightforward and traditional. In other words, they are present in other slots games as well. For example, the ‘Select Lines’ button allows you to adjust the number of active paylines. Similarly, the ‘Select Coins’ command provides players with the option of regulating the number of coins wagered.

In addition to that, the Tomb Raider slot game also features the ‘Bet Max’ and the ‘Autoplay’ buttons. The first command lets you easily set the highest possible bet. The latter, as the name suggests, allows the players to initiate a certain number of automatic spins. As a result, the reels will spin uninterrupted.

Tomb Raider Slot Bonuses

One of the essential benefits of playing Tomb Raider Slot machine free download is the presence of two distinct bonus features.

  • Free Spins Bonus Feature

tomb raider slot free spinsWe already mentioned the free spins bonus, but let’s elaborate on this segment. In essence, the Scatter activates the sequence. So, you only need to land three symbols with Lara Croft depicted on them to receive 10 spins free of charge.

At the same time, the Scatter symbol acts as a multiplier. Consequently, your winnings will be tripled during the bonus sequence. And, if you land 3 more Scatter symbols within the duration of the free spins bonus – you will receive 10 more free spins. In theory, the free spins bonus sequence could continue indefinitely.

  • Tomb Bonus Round

tomb raider slot bonusThe other bonus feature you can activate when playing the Tomb Raider slot is called the Tomb Bonus Round. By landing 3x Bonus symbols, i.e. three Idols on the reels, you will be whisked away into a new screen. Over there, a pick-style bonus system awaits you. In other words, 12 idols are hiding lucrative rewards.

Depending on the number of idols you had when activating the bonus, the prizes can range from 30 bonus points all the way up to 2.500 bonus points.

Tomb Rider Slot Payouts

With an RTP of 96,56%, the Tomb Raider slot game could be classified among the medium volatility slots. In a way, such a return percentage is reasonably generous and it can provide players with decent chances to win.

Yet, the Tomb Raider slot machine is not a game for high rollers. The reason for this comes from the limitations on the highest bet you can place. The Tomb Raider slot allows the players to place the highest bet size of £37.50. Likewise, the maximum in-game jackpot is 7.500 coins, which is relatively low.

Moreover, the Tomb Raider slot free play does not provide access to a progressive jackpot pool. By not offering the players a chance to join the large prize pool, Tomb Raider slot certainly diminishes its appeal.

Tomb Raider Slot Mobile

Tomb Raider Slot MobileBack in 2008 when Tomb Raider slot first appeared, mobile gaming was nonexisting. As a result, casino games were focused on desktop computers.

But, dramatic changes happened in the last decade. Nowadays, mobile gaming is the norm. That is why Microgaming decided to update all of their older games. Consequently, the Tomb Raider slot supports the well-known HTML5 protocol.

Furthermore, the game is optimized for mobile devices. Even though it does not have a designated app, the Tomb Raider slot machine free download can be played on the go. Most importantly, the designers have done a great job, allowing this slot machine to quickly adapt to any device.


Due to its outdated design, the Tomb Raider slot is best suited for hardcore fans of the Tomb Raider franchise. Above all, they will enjoy playing with their favorite characters. Moreover, the soundtrack similar to the one in the video game will cause a rush of nostalgia.

Also, Tomb Raider slot online features potentially generous bonus features and a lovely selection of symbols. But, it is evident that this slot machine fails to keep track of the trends. Modern-day slots come packed with features, which is not the case with the games created more than a decade ago.

Even so, the Tomb Raider slot machine could provide you with a lot of entertainment and excitement, if you are a fan of classic slots games.

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