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Chumba Casino special offers

Out of all the casinos you can find online, why choose Chumba Casino 

The answer is simple. It’s like nothing you have ever experienced before. 

Chumba Casino operates under a very basic, but an extremely satisfying formula: 


And it’s not just a fancy slogan. Here is how you can win real cash prizes at Chumba Casino.

The Sexy Story of Chumba Casino

Online casinos must be very cautious about the way they advertise their services. Each state and country have its own laws and regulations. A slip up could cost millions.   

However, Chumba Casino avoids this whole legal minefield by simply not offering any real money games.  

But there is a catch.  

Story of Chumba Casino

The online casino, which was launched in 2002, organizes sweepstakes or prize giveaways. So, for 17+ years Chumba has been giving away free prizes in U.S., Canada and all across the world. 

There is a chance you read it wrong, so we will rephrase that. At real online casinos – which are not available on U.S. as well as some other countries – players bet real money on games where the casino always has the edge. At Chumba Casino you don’t bet anything. Instead, you play free slots and participate in giveaways.

And you can win, too! Cool concept, isn’t it?

Rank Casino Bonus Review Visit
1 200% up to £200 Welcome bonus Review Play Now
T & C Apply
2 Up to $/€5,000 Welcome Bonus Review Play Now
T & C Apply
3 Get up to €200 Review Play Now
T & C Apply

There’s just one problem. Players low free games. As a result, giveaways sometimes get tough due to the sheer number of players participating.

But it’s still a great opportunity to play and win free prizes. Check this out.


Chumba Casino Free Slots

The main reason players visit social casinos is their games. At least in the majority of the cases. Do you want to know what kind of slots you will find at Chumba Casino?  

To be fair, it’s something you should better see on your own. With 30+ unique games the selection is moderate, at best. There are no NetEnt slots, or MicroGaming, or any of the famous brands you’re probably used to. 

It’s all built in-house. The selection is not overwhelming, but the quality is.   

Chumba Casino Free SlotsChumba Casino free slots are exciting and colorful. There is a range of themes to explore on slots both with progressive, million-worth jackpots as well as without.  

They offer classic 3-reel slots and the modern ones. But there are some other casino games, too.  

You can play video poker “Jacks or Better” or try classic games like Blackjack 

See for yourself.  

Blackjack Chumba CasinoKeep in mind, that when you first visit Chumba Casino, you get 2 million Gold Coins just for going through the door. If you are eager to try out your luck on progressive jackpot slots, you must give Chumba Casino’s hit slot ‘the Big GoREELa’ a shot. It’s wild and fun. And rewarding! 

We have been familiar with Chumba Casino for quite some time now. It certainly feels like it’s a special social casino which carefully looks after the user experience. Whether it’s by adding new games or being creative when launching their social media campaigns and promotions.  

It’s best to follow Chumba Casino on Facebook, which you can also use to login and play. Plus, anyone who follows Chumba Casino on social media gets exclusive chances to try games first and claim free prizes.  

Casino Special Offers

We already mentioned the special offers here. You starting capital is 2 million Gold chips. Gold chips or coins is Chumba Casino’s exclusive currency which is used for all free play games.  

$weeps CashBut a lot of Chumba Casino special offers revolve around their second type of currency – $weeps Cash. It’s more valuable, even though it’s also not a real currency.  

With $weeps Cash player can enter a select number of games, participate in tournaments and, best of all, convert $weeps Cash to real money.  

While you get $weeps Cash by purchasing them, but you don’t have to. Promotions, which we will talk about next, provide plenty of free $weeps Cash-rich opportunities.  


  • Good customer service
  • Great range of games
  • Generous bonus and promotions

Chumba Casino Promotion Links

Chumba Casino is unique in every way they do business.  

Including the promotions.  

You will have to follow Chumba Casino on social media and be quick. But it’s all worth the effort. Don’t worry if you don’t have some social media accounts. Chumba is pretty active with their email campaigns, too.

ChumbacasinoYou can expect to get at least one weekly offer in your inbox. It’s not always something you can use for free games, but that’s rare.

Plus, whenever Chumba Casino is about to release a new game, they always start with a big celebration and a giveaway.  

Additional opportunities come from social media. We covered Facebook. But plenty of Chumba Casino promotional links can be found through their Twitter, as well.  

There is nothing Twitter-exclusive, though. So, if you follow Chumba Casino on Facebook, you probably are on track to catch 99% of their promotions. Still, it’s a valid alternative for anyone who doesn’t use Facebook. 

Chumba Casino Best Bonuses

It seems like we already talked about everything including rewards and promotions. If there is anything else needed to articulate it’s how and where you get the best bonuses 

You want to get the best what’s available, right? 

As a new player at Chumba Casino, you will get at least 2 million bonus in chips. That’s going to last you for a while. However, as an extra, wouldn’t it be nice to get some $weeps Cash? 

Here’s the secret: 

DON’T use bonus codes off Google. They don’t work. The truth is you already get then best bonus you can get at Chumba Casino. Free $3 in $weeps Cash will automatically be added to your account.  

For anyone thinking of purchasing Gold Coins (with free $weeps Cash), grab bundles 

For instance, now you can get 900,000 in Gold Coins plus $10 in $weeps Cash for $5. Is it worth it? At 50% off, it’s one of the best offers you are going to get.  

Also, keep an eye out for special offers during the holidays. Chumba Casino gets extra generous around Christmas.   

Final Word

Will Chumba Casino become your go-to casino?  

That we can’t guarantee. It’s fun, unique and rewarding. But does it provide the ultimate casino experience? Not really.  

Not yet, anyway.  

Chumba Casino extra spinsFor starters, more exotic games like Pai Gow Poker would be lovely to have. Maybe a slightly lower cash out rate? Currently you can cash out once you have $100 worth of $weeps Cash. 

But other than that, you can’t be too picky about Chumba Casino. With a unique selling point and over 15 years in business, they have accumulated a loyal following.  

Check it out for yourself!