DoubleU Casino Free Chips: 3 Ways to Get Them

doubleu casino free chips

DoubleU casino free chips? You in the right place. DoubleU is an amazing social casino and it’s taking over the world. Millions of players come back to DoubleU every day because it’s fun as well as extremely rewarding.

Many of readers come to DoubleU casino, too.

Casino’s biggest advantage? Perhaps an all-in-one casino game library. Slots, from a 1-payline Las Vegas Slot to 1000-payline modern Slots with superb graphics and progressive jackpots exceeding hundreds of millions of coins.

Not to mention blackjack, poker, Bingo, baccarat, Keno, roulette, you name it. I bet it’s all here.

But many DoubleU players can’t play these amazing games because they run into the same problem.

The lack of chips.

Do you have the same problem?

The thing is, there is nothing wrong with the DoubleU casino.doubleu casino free spins

They are giving away plenty of opportunities to claim free chips on a weekly basis. But many players don’t know anything about bankroll management or maybe they don’t even know about all the DoubleU Casino free chips they can get.

We’re fixing that right now.

I promise, from this day on, if you follow my tips, you will never run out of chips at DoubleU.

First, let’s learn some bankroll management basics and then move to the Top 3 ways to claim free chips at DoubleU.

Bankroll Management 101

I’ve went through reviews of the casino on the App Store and the problem is clear.

The problem is the attitude.

It’s funny how players are complaining about ‘DoubleU not allowing them to win’. DoubleU does not control the games. No casino does. Luck is bound to go up and down.

That’s why you need a bankroll.

Following strict bankroll management rules will carry you even through an enormous downswing.

Let’s say you want to play $1 slots.

DoubleU Casino Free ChipsWhat minimum bankroll would you choose to play with? $100? $500? Actually, more like $1,000 and up.

Of course, it’s harder at DoubleU when there are so many free chips. But in that case you have to make a conscious choice. You either take 10,000 to 1 shots and either win a jackpot or bust. Or you grow your bankroll methodically, which is slow and safe.

I recommend going for the latter. I’ll show you how you can build a bankroll entirely from DoubleU Casino free play though spins, gifts and rewards.

3 EASY Ways to Get DoubleU Casino free chips

Now let’s move on to actual ways to make your money. The first one is quite obvious. Facebook. But it’s also the best place to get DoubleU Casino free chips.

Did you know that only around 10% of active players on Android and iOS have connected their Facebook accounts to their DoubleU? It doesn’t mean you have to share what you play. All that can be easily disabled.

However, if you don’t follow DoubleU on Facebook, you miss out on millions of free coins.

While free chip offers are slightly smaller in size compared to when DoubleU was first launched, it’s still a valuable source. Not to mention that you can send invitations and ask your friends for free chips whenever you need a boost.

You want DoubleU Casino free chips? Show up

Often all it takes is showing up.

Free coins are everywhere, you just have to come and take it. Even today 3 quick visits to DoubleU earned me 20,000 coins.

It’s no secret. The timer is right there. You know when to come to get free coins. In fact, that’s the whole point. Timing.

Time your day right and instead of one free coin gift, you can get five.

Over a week, that’s 35 gifts instead of 7. And over a month it’s 140 gifts of 1,000 or more coins rather than 30.

You get the idea, right?

Win DoubleU Casino free spins

Win DoubleU Casino free spins through Challenges

The last one is hardest to come by. But to me it is the most valuable. It’s impossible to count how many DoubleU Casino free spins you can get every month. But these are golden opportunities not to be missed.

Free spins mean free coins wins. Maybe even the jackpot.

How do you get free spins? There are two ways.

First, look at your DoubleU casino welcome page. You will see a Challenges button. Everyday there is a new challenge. The best challenges come when DoubleU releases new games (another reason to follow DoubleU on Facebook).

Almost every time there is a new game, players get the chance to play for free via free spins packages.

Second, you can also look for special offers from third-parties like us. Occasionally I get a special promotional code when you can get DoubleU Casino free chips just by entering it on your app.

Bonus: One more way to get Free Chips

It’s not entirely ‘free’. That’s why I’m leaving it at the back. Moreover, if you look after your DoubleU bankroll and hunt value promotions, you should never run out of casino chips.

But if you do, there is one more way to get free chips. Bundles. Just a couple of bucks can get you a chest filled with DoubleU coins. Don’t get ‘daily deals’. You are better off waiting for special one-time-only promotions where you can save up to 90% on EVERY bundle!